Natalie Lefevre

Social Media EXPERT
Conservation & Sustainability Journalist

Natalie Lefevre

Digital expert
Ocean conservation
Travel & Sustainability Journalist

Digital Marketing Agency

Social Media EXPERT
Content curation
ESG solutions
Social corporate Responsibility
SM Keynote speaker

Digital Marketing Agency

• Social Media services
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• Content curation
• ESG solutions
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• SM Keynote speaker


Natalie Lefevre is a social media consultant, luxury travel influencer, and environmental ambassador with a solid marketing and media background. Through her digital marketing agency, she provides global strategy and social media expertise.

Travel & Sustainability

Originally from the idyllic Seychelles islands, she has an innate love for conserving the environment. As the Chairman and ambassador for the NGO One Ocean One Future, and for Oceanic Global, a UN partner, Natalie is dedicated to helping save the oceans, rainforests, and marine life. She promotes a plastic-free, sustainable environment and regularly showcases eco-friendly resorts.

Natalie also keeps busy with many experiences showcasing travel on her Instagram brand @Island_Natalie to 1,000,000 followers. With an infectious passion to explore other cultures, connect with locals, and celebrate nature, she encourages her dedicated audience to taste the best luxury experiences the world has to offer.

Natalie’s irrepressible social nature led her to a career in public relations and media. Formerly the Director of Corporate Affairs at Euronews NBC, Natalie was in charge of communications, partnerships, press, events as well as negotiations with the European Commission. During her tenure, she capably handled the strategy and creative teams leading to the successful launch of Living It (luxury centric website) and Wander (travel website).

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